The Unsettling Silence

Instance 1: AT HOME
Child: Amma, why do I have to do this? What’s the point of all this?
​Amma: Well, stop asking too many questions. Everyone does it and so should you. Anyways, talking back is wrong.

Instance 2: AT SCHOOL
Student: Ma’am, how is this happening? Could you explain it.
Teacher: Don’t worry that’s not the part of the syllabus? There is no need to go in detail as such.

A child who grows up to become an adult is the ultimate sum of his upbringing and environment. In the society, the school and at home; they are influenced by the behavior of those around. But in our daily interactions how often do we encourage someone asking questions? Do we actually sit back and listen to the countering opinions without retorting and calling it disrespectful?

Most often than not everyone is expected to follow the system that exists. It expects one to fit in molds that have been made for them. So, don’t ask too many questions for this silence is comfortable. It is comfortable to compromise; adapt and live with it then go through the process of actually changing the rigid old ways.

We, as a society, need to sit back and ponder; Is asking too many questions or inquisitiveness even encouraged truly?
If not, then how do we expect a better world when all that which crippled our generation is consciously or unconsciously ingrained in the upcoming one.

However, it is noteworthy that the river makes its way through the rocks when it origins from the glaciers and comes flowing through the mountains. Hence, it doesn’t matter how rigid the system is, the waves of refreshing ideas shall always make its way. Only a flicker of light is needed to defeat the darkness. Similarly, a voice, an opinion can pierce this silence and lead us on to a more progressive path or a path where we question what already exists for its efficiency. Thanks to many voices for change, the world has indeed become a better place but there is still a long way to go.

We should all ensure that we allow the younger generation to ask questions and also stop foisting our opinions on them.
​For they have a choice!
To ask before they accept;
To ask and not accept;
To search for meanings!
To find new meanings;
To alter the old definitions a bit;
and To set new refined ones!

The world in my eyes and through my words. Looking for an escape in words and paragraphs!