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“one thing must not be made fun of, the magic itself. That must in the story be taken seriously, neither laughed at nor explained away.”

-Tolkien’s central tenet for a fairy tale

Fairy tales are certainly riveting that have been incessantly repeated over the generations. We all remember a good old fairytale; whether it’s been the world of Cinderella in which the shoe fits or the one of Rapunzel the princess who gets rescued. It’s all quite hard to let go of. It is imagination and fantasy and a bit stereotypical as one might add too (in a few scenarios). But let us see the silver lining in the cloud, shall we?

What would be it? The big take-away from any fairy tale. One shall be it’s simplicity where one is sure to find a happy end if one has been good no matter how odd the circumstances are. In the real dynamics, defining what’s good and bad would be quite tricky but we can just settle for some basic values like compassion and empathy. Even when all that someone got of your identity is your shoe or you are trapped in the middle of a ghostly forest; trust me you are bound to find a way out of it with or without a prince or princess charming though. Just cling to the good in you and the irrational optimism because being rational and calculating probability all the time gets old. Breathe, Eat, Live and Believe in yourself.

The second thing is the magic. What is magic? Magic is power. What is power? Well, by the books (since, even a fairy tale is in a book) power is the ability to do work. Hence, it all comes down to work. And as Tolkien said the only thing to be taken seriously in a fairy tale is the magic. So, work is important. Hone a skill, enjoy what you do and do whatever you want to do. As we have had the fictitious Superman, Batman with their superpowers; the real life accounts of the Missile Man, Iron Lady, Iron Man don’t fall short too. So your superpower could be anything. You can be your man.

Third, is that fairy tales are not exactly high on logic. Of course, it is necessary to be rational but not to an extent that everything turns out to be horribly serious. Live, rather than just existing. Be excited about the little things that happens because magic as such can’t really be explained away. So, if a good hearty laughter was paving the way to Eldorado would you ever reach? Or would you be too busy debating that the city was a myth or that laughing all the time would make you look like an idiot or a thousand other considerations in place. A sensible mind is great but what about a serious one? Every once in a while miracles do happen and dreams do come true.

Fredrik Backman wrote in his book, My grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry, “ ….without music their won’t be any dreams, and without dreams there can’t be any fairytales and without fairytales their can’t be any courage and without courage no one would be able to bear any sorrows.” So let the tale of our lives be filled with music and dreams and stories to tell and splendid moments and the not so splendid moments all to relish.

At this time, we all find ourselves among cozy blankets in the familiar warmth of our homes amongst family. It is Christmas and about to be a New Year filled with the magic of new beginnings. May a bit of sparkle from the Christmas decoration get into your life and an epic fairytale twist.

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